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Mantle Clocks

Mantle clocks come in wood, gold finish, silver finish and glass.  Materials include mahogany, oak, walnut and pine finishes as well as brass and aluminium with features including:-Westminster Chime, Radio controlled movement, Pendulum, Night Silent, Volume control



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 Rigby Jewellers have a wide selection of mantle clocks in a wood, gold finish, silver finish and glass.  Mantle clocks these days have a quartz battery movement although there are a few that are mechanical wind up.


Wooden mantle clocks are available in a variety of finishes including mahogany, oak, walnut and pine.  The gold finish mantel clocks are usually a metallic gold finish with a few made from brass.  Silver finish clocks can be made from aluminium or a silver finish.


The workings of the clock - known as the movement range from a simple battery operated timepiece to a mechanical Westminster triple chime 8 day movement.  There are a few radio controlled mantle clocks that receive their signal from the radio transmitter in Anthorn, Cumbria.  These automatically set themselves up to the correct precise time and are very accurate.

Some mantle clocks feature a chime or strike movement.  Chiming clocks usually have a Westminster chime movement, a few also have a Whittington chime movement or an alternative sound.  Some chiming clocks make a sound every quarter hour whilst others just on the hour.  Other features include volume control and a night silent where the last chime is 10:45pm and the first chime is 6am.

You should also consider the size of the clock for the desired location and that the dial is clear from the main position within the room to ensure the time is easy to read.